TGT Hungary Kft. – Pipe Protection, Pipe Packaging and Pipe Storage

TGT was founded in 1995 in the city of Uelzen, Germany. Since then the production takes place in Dorog, Hungary. The “TGT” brand has been well established and steadily expanded to become a world-famous brand in the oil and gas industry. TGT stands for reliability for over 20 years and exceptionally high quality in all matters around OCTG-Thread protection and pipe bundling systems for transport and storage of pipes.

In 2016, there was a restructuring including change of ownership. The company was renamed as TGT Hungary and integrated into the Hungarian DAL-TIM Group. The more than 20 years of “know-how”, all patents and trademark rights have been preserved. This guarantees furthermore an exceptionally high quality and customer satisfaction at competitive prices.


The company premises in Hungary comprises 3 hectares including approx.6,000 m² of workshops.

The current product portfolio includes OCTG thread protection for tubing and casing pipes, pipe bundle systems for the transport and storage of OCTG pipes, as well as bumper rings.

Premium Pipe Protection




One of the biggest problems in transporting the tubes needed for oil and gas production from the tube plant to the drilling site, is the corrosion of the valuable threads. When using old metal protectors, the protection of the threads from damage is not guaranteed.


The solution is a plastic protector, which can be reinforced with a metal shell, if required. Thus the corrosion protection properties of the plastic and the mechanical stability of the metal shells are combined. At this point, the “SNAP-in” system used by the company TGT offers, in contrast to the conventional “punching method”, an excellent and exceptionally stable connection between the plastic core and the metal shell. Loosened metal casings or steel reinforcements lost during transport are now a thing of the past and there is no longer any problem in screwing on or off the protectors. The risk potential of lost steel reinforcements on the transport route (train, road, etc.) is eliminated.


To further improve the corrosion protection of TGT’s metall reinforced thread-protectors, the steel shells are powder coated during the coloring process. This also makes an important contribution to the protection of the environment during the production process.


A uniform color of the complete protector according to customer requirements is also possible.

At the end of the 1990s, TGT recognized the growing need for a high quality, easy-to-use and secure way to transport and store pipes.


In cooperation with well-known companies like SHELL®, VALLOUREC® & Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes®, TGT developed the worldwide patented TGT PREMIUM PPS®.


The unique wedge design of the single segments allows a very variable use. We are proud to present one of the world’s strongest and safest tube bundling systems.


The most significant benefits for the customers are also the use of equal segments for different (even non-standard) pipe diameters within a bundle (keynote: picking of drill strings) and the ability to load the finished tube bundles only with slings or with a forklift. Transport systems with “lifting eyes” are no longer necessary. This eliminates the immense costs of regular certification of the transport racks.


The TGT PREMIUM PPS® system has been successfully used worldwide for over two decades. Many satisfied customers can confirm the quality and efficiency.

Reliable Quality

EPC-jel 6925 MIR

Since the start of production in 1995, compliance with international quality standards has been a top priority at TGT.

Thus, TGT products have met the API 5CT annex I latest rev. specification for over 20 years. The ongoing increase in protector requirements by the API Panel has been in the past and will always be monitored by TGT’s QC management in the future, accompanied by product design enhancements, if necessary. This ensures that our customers always receive a product that meets the current quality requirements of the industry. This is confirmed by independent certification companies, such as TÜV Rheinland – Hungary during permanent testing and audits.

The current ISO 9001: 2015 certification can be found on our website.

Of course, TGT is also able to meet increased customer-specific quality guidelines. So, TGT has been approved in Saudi Aramco®.TGT products fulfill i.a. and the extended product specifications of the companies Vallourec®, ExxonMobil®, BP®, TOTAL®, TPS® and many other oil and gas industry giants.

TGT products are manufactured with the claim of excellent quality and exceptional longevity. This saves money and conserves valuable environmental resources.

TGT has voluntarily submitted to a “Code of Conduct” for quality assurance and combating corruption.

Machine Park of Many Opportunities

Our modern machine park in Hungary is developing, currently we are working with our following bigger machines used in the production:


  • CNC-extruder machine
  • Powder paint spraying booth Wagner 2
  • Strip steel cutting machine ABS
  • 4 welding machines
  • 3 plate bending machines
  • 7 eccentric presses
  • 3 CNC-turning lathe Moriseike
  • 5 CNC-Battenfeld-injection moulding machine